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Vocals On

The Beach Boys (1980-90)
kokomo, still cruisin’, island girl, make it big, wipe out, in my car, somewhere near japan, rock and roll to the rescue, california dreamin’, problem child, lady lynda / lady liberty, chasin’ the sky, east meets west, happy endings (w/little richard), getcha back, good vibrations (Sunkist TV Commercial Version)

Brian Wilson
88 solo album (guitar), Spirit of Rock and Roll (unreleased), daddy’s little girl (from: she’s out of control sdtrk), let’s go to heaven in my car (from: police academy Sdtrk), unreleased live recordings 1999, living doll (barbie promotion 1988), little duece coupe (brian setzer w/brian wilson) MOM 3, LIVE at the ROXY – co-prod. Live Arrangements (2000), Rodney at the ROQ (2001), Pet Sounds Live (2002), California Feelin’ (2002)

America */ Gerry Beckley
House of Cards, Now Sue, I Need You, Only a Kid at Heart Overwhelming World (suite) *, Paradise *

Mike Love
(Mike and Dean)*, looking back with love (album), Brian’s Back, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (unreleased), Lightning Strikes *, Papa Doo Run Run, California Project (album), It’s Alive (album), Archeology (album)

Kanji Choshi “love and mercy” (Japan)
I need You (w/Gerry Beckley), Laughter in the Rain (Valerie Carter)

Jeff Larson
Watercolor Sky CD (co-producer) 1998, Room for Summer CD (co-producer) 2000, Fragile Sunrise CD (bgvs) 2002, Sepia CD (bgvs) 2004

We Wish you a Merry Christmas 1994

Teresa Bright “crossing the blue” CD (Japan)
mahina o hoku, and I love him, the look of love

VIDEO (vocal on songs from movies / soundtracks)
* The Beach Boys “An American Family”(ABC), * The Beach Boys 25th Anniversary, * The Beach Boys – American Band, * Up The Creek, * Problem Child II, * DC Beach Party, * Cocktail

DB Cooper
“Forever Rock and Roll” album (produced)

Mary McGregor
“Hooked on a Feeling” album (co-produced)

We Wish you a Merry Christmas (Produced / Sung)

Julio Iglesias
“The Air that I Breath” (w/Beach Boys 1984)

Stephen Bishop
“Rythmn of the Rain” track

Moody Blues LIVE 1986

Everly Brothers
“Don’t Worry Baby”