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Collected Reviews:

If one were challenged to come up with a blueprint for a perfect pop album, it would be tough to come up with a more exacting standard than this. Foskett, the orchestrator, lead guitarist and back-up vocalist for the recent critically acclaimed Brian Wilson solo tour, has gathered a dozen distinguished collaborators and created an album so melodic and so memorable that it can only be called a masterpiece for the new mellennium… Each entry bears a ringing refrain, a heartfelt, enticing energy that’s absolutely irresistible. Twelve ans Twelve adds up to one incredible collection. — Lee Zimmerman

Washington Post
For pop music fans, this independent release is a must. Jeffrey Foskett, a longtime member of the Beach Boys touring band and now playing behind Brian Wilson on his comeback tour, is a student of American pop over the past 30-plus years: The joy pours out of the grooves as he teams up with his musical idols for a stunning set of originals.

The Evening Standard (London)
Robin Jones of the Evening Standard (London) adds: “Thru My Window perfectly combines the essence of the California sound as epitomized by The Beach Boys at their 1964 – 1966 zenith with the vibrancy of a full blown 1990’s production. This kind of music is long overdue and hopefully, with the advent of this CD, will be around for a long time to come.”

20th Century Guitar
With all of these great musical superstars lending outstanding contributions to their own special track, Foskett and company conjure up a sonic pop parade so colorful that it staggers the musical imagination. A pair of bonus cuts including a soul-searching cover of The Youngbloods� classic Get Together adds in the final touches to one of the preeminent pop events of 2000!

Pure Pop
The Best of Jeffrey Foskett (Pioneer Japan 1999) PIPC-1166 Fans of harmony singing simply can not be without The Best of Jeffrey Foskett. This man is among the great treasures of pop music, and without him in your collection, you’re simply no connoisseur. A Japanese import, this album might be a bit hard to get your hands on, but try as hard as you’re able to so you can begin enriching your life as soon as possible.