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Treadmill Safety Tips

A treadmill is a machine like any other meaning it can also pose a threat to your safety if you do not know how to use it properly. It does not matter how good the treadmill is if you do not follow the guidelines of using it then working out can result in serious injuries. If you are into fitness and own a treadmill or like going to the gym, here are some treadmill safety tips for a safe workout.

Always Look Ahead

Most people are inclined to looking at their feet when they are working out on the treadmill. This is the wrong thing to do. When exercising on a treadmill. You should always look forward. This is so because looking down at your feet will make you easily lose balance. Ensure that you always look ahead and also hold on to something after you step off the treadmill because dizziness usually is something that comes with using the treadmill especially for new users.

Avoid The Hand Rails

It is not unusual to find that you want to use the hand rails especially if you are new to using a treadmill. Note however that using them all the time or for a longer period will lead to pains and aches in the joints and shoulders. Using handrails should also show you that the speed that you are only is probably too high for you so ensure that you have set it to a pace that is much more comfortable.

Straddle The Deck

Before you start your workout, ensure that you straddle the deck first. Do not start the machine up with your feet already on it. All treadmills start at a slow pace when you start them up, but it is good to be cautious. In the case of a malfunction where it starts with high speed, and your feet were already on it then it could result in far-reaching injuries.

Don’t Use Them Barefoot

Do not run on the treadmill with your bare feet. There is a lot of friction that occurs because of the moving belt. If you use the treadmill barefoot, then you will end up suffering from burns and blisters. Serious injury may also occur, and it is also very unsanitary. Ensure that when you are going to the gym to use a treadmill, you always have on proper workout shoes that fit you well. They help keep you safe from injury as well as fungal infections.